26 Hours of Flying for 24 Hours of Racing: McKay Snow Takes on The 24 Hours of Dubai

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (January 8th, 2018) – After catching the endurance racing bug just two short months ago, McKay Snow joins Cor Euser Racing in the No. 71 BMW for the 24H Series 24 Hours of Dubai.

“Back in November I jumped in a BMW last minute for the 24 Hours of COTA and I was immediately hooked,” Snow said. “ The 24H Series was great to race in before and the No. 71 were great competitors so I’m excited to be joining them for Dubai.”

Up until November Snow had only competed in tradition two 45-minute sprint race series. This style race allows drivers to push themselves and the car to their limits in an all-out bloodbath. Endurance races, however, test drivers focus, stamina, endurance and precision as they are forced to preserve their resources for extended periods of time.

“Endurance racing is a whole different animal,” Snow said. “It’s much more of a mind game. Your decisions you make an hour one can come back to bite you in hour nineteen if you’re not careful.”

As grueling as an endurance race is on a drivers mental game, it is equally as tough on the body. The average driver loses 7 pounds in an endurance race, drives nine-plus hours, and is lucky to sleep for more than forty minutes at a time.

During the race, a driver and their car can expect to undergo a minimum of twenty-five pits stops, ten sets of tires and 680 driven miles.

“It’s insane when you break the race down into numbers and realize what you’ll undergo,” Snow said. “I tend to be a numbers person so it actually helps me to stick to my goal of staying calm and consistent during the race.”

The green flag drops in Dubai on Friday at  2:00 p.m. Gulf Time. You can follow the race at

https://livetiming.getraceresults.com/24hseries#screen-results or follow @24HSERIES on twitter for live updates.

To follow along with McKay and the whole Snow Family check out snow-ahead.com. Or give @LightningMcKay or @SnowRacing1 a follow on twitter and Instagram to get the inside scoop on a family that eats, sleeps and breathes racing.

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